Welcome to Southern Flora.


South-Western Australia is one of 35 global biodiversity hotspots with plant species that have evolved without major extinctions for more than 200 million years. This ancient but stable landscape has many relictual species from Gondwanan origins, and now harbours over 7,000 vascular plant species, many of which are endemic to this area!

Southern Flora Wildflower Nursery is based in Bridgetown which is centrally located in the far south-west corner of this biodiversity hotspot, where much of the original vegetation has been retained in National Parks, State Forests and Nature Reserves.

Erica is passionate about conserving this amazingly diverse flora and is growing a special range of intriguing wildflowers in her Southern Flora Nursery.

Erica offers free advice on the selection of suitable wildflower species for your soil types. Enjoy the magic of growing your own patch of unique wildflowers and help to conserve our precious biodiversity!